“An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.” Preparing for cyber security problems before they arise is a more cost-effective investment of resources, is more likely to have a positive impact on your ability to defend against breaches and leaks, and allows you to make considered choices without the pressure of being under active attack. From securely designing your on-premise or cloud infrastructure to training your workforce to recognise common attacks, Clear Loop Security can help you maximise the benefits from your preparations.

Security Management Programmes

Unpicking the confusing and often conflicting advice around cyber and information security can be difficult and costly. Clear Loop Security has in-depth experience of developing comprehensive security improvement and management programmes for companies of all shapes and sizes, applying the most suitable strategy to address your specific risks. Whether you are just starting on the road to security governance and want a simplified path such as that offered by Cyber Essentials or the 10 Steps to Cyber Security, or you are ready to progress to a more mature approach such as ISO 27001 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we can get your programme in place and running smoothly, being with you every step of the way.


Your colleagues are your best asset, but can also be your biggest weakness. Attackers target individuals in your organisation, trying to trick them into running malicious software or revealing sensitive data. Clear Loop Security understands the human factors behind breaches, and provides a tailored security education programme for your organisation, empowering every member of staff to recognise and respond to attempts to compromise your systems. Delivered via engaging, interactive trainer-led seminars, online learning platforms, and ongoing bulletins, our training services will turn your workforce into a solid line of defence.

Cloud Architecture Design & Assessments

Cloud platforms have revolutionised the delivery of IT services to customers and staff, offering a rapid route to market in a highly competitive world. But the ease of creating new infrastructure and micro-services also brings with it the risk of exposing customer data and failing to properly secure systems that would traditionally have been hosted deep inside your company’s network, but which are now on a shared public platform and vulnerable to attack. Clear Loop Security provides a cloud platform secure design and assessment service, ensuring your usage of AWS, Azure, or GCP doesn’t open you to risk. Whether it’s supplying “building blocks” advice, reviewing an existing cloud deployment, or actively testing your cloud assets for vulnerabilities, we can enable your business to take advantage of the benefits of cloud, whilst minimising the risk.


Keeping a constant eye on your organisation is essential to defending against attacks, but requires specialist knowledge to ensure that the right things are looked at, and nothing vital is overlooked. Clear Loop Security has the expertise and insight to keep watch over your business, providing constant support while you focus on making your company excel.

Monitoring and Alerting

As your IT estate gets larger and more complex, keeping track of activity across all of your systems becomes more difficult, making it easy to miss the signs of an attempted or successful attack. Adding cloud infrastructure and distributing your data across multiple locations makes the problem even worse. Clear Loop Security has years of experience of designing, building, and managing monitoring and alerting platforms that will collect data from across your organisation, filter out the noise and provide early warning of indicators of attack and compromise. Whether you need assistance to build an in-house capability, want a turnkey solution that automates the process of monitoring and alerting, or have high security requirements that demand a fully managed 24 x 7 outsourced service, Clear Loop Security can ensure you never have to turn a blind eye again. Using industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology, combined with constantly updated threat intelligence, your monitoring and alerting will be in safe hands.

Virtual Security Manager

It can be difficult for organisations to dedicate enough time and focus to the constantly changing security concerns of a modern-day business.Obtaining internal security expertise that encompasses technical and non-technical concerns can be expensive and time-consuming, which can distract you from your core business goals. The Clear Loop Security Virtual Security Manager service is a fixed-fee retainer service providing you with a named, CISO-level consultant who will lead your ongoing security working group meetings, undertake security strategy reviews, attend monthly checkpoint calls, and respond to ad hoc email and phone queries on all aspects of cyber and information security. The Virtual Security Manager service also provides access to a team of security specialists for advice and guidance relating to cyber security and compliance matters. Additionally, you gain access to a private forum for the latest security advisories, breaking news, fraud alerts, zero-day threats, and vulnerability updates. This can be available as a standalone service if required.

Testing and Vulnerability Management

Once your systems are secured, how do you know that they remain secured? Conducting regular penetration testing against your infrastructure, mobile and web applications is vital to detecting and fixing holes through which an attacker could gain unauthorised access to your sensitive data. Clear Loop Security offers a range of testing services, from project-based assurance exercises that blend perfectly with your release methodology, to fully managed testing services, where your systems will be regularly probed for weaknesses, so that newly- discovered vulnerabilities cannot be used to hack your systems. Test output is tailored to the way you work, simplifying managing uncovered problems and tracking through to resolution. Our testing services form part of a comprehensive vulnerability management programme that we will build and deliver for you, keeping you up to date with an ever-changing threat landscape.


Like death and taxes, breaches are inevitable, but it’s how you respond that matters – swift, decisive action that closes the holes and provides a clear message to customers, investors, and the press can keep you in business. Our incident response services will train you to be prepared, test your ability to react to a simulated breach, and even be on hand to assist in the event of a live attack.

Incident Response Training

Whether it’s a hacker holding your systems to ransom or physical disruption affecting availability of your premises, dealing with an active attack or failure is stressful and needs a clear head. Having policies and procedures is only effective if staff responsible for managing incidents are capable of addressing the root cause and bringing your business back to full operation with minimum interruption. Clear Loop Security’s incident response training programme gives you the skills to deal with real incidents, with courses aimed at technical first responders and executive management. Delivered at your premises in interactive sessions, your staff will complete the training ready to handle any crisis thrown at them.

Breach Exercises

Ready to put your incident response skills to the test? The perfect complement to our incident response training courses, Clear Loop Security’s hand-on breach exercises will put your staff in the position of dealing with a realistic simulated event that threatens your organisation. Run as an intense workshop at your premises, this session presents a scenario based on the strengths and weaknesses of your business, allowing your staff to test their judgement and reactions in a safe environment. Why wait for a real incident to check if your staff know what to do?

Incident Response Services

We all need a little help from time to time, and when you’re facing a live security incident, that help can go a long way. Clear Loop Security has incident response experts on hand to assist when you have an active attack or disruption affecting your business. Whether you need technical expertise to locate the source of a breach, guidance on dealing with customer or press announcements, or someone to liaise between your IT team and the Board, we can help keep your business operational and manage the storm.

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